Question: Who is the black guy in the AT&T commercial?

Who is the male actor in the AT&T commercial?

Matthew Bush Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Matthew Bush (born March 22, 1986) is an American actor, best known for the film Adventureland and his AT&T Rollover Minutes commercials .Television.Year2012TitleHawaii Five-0RoleZack SlaterNotesEpisode: Ohuna8 more columns

Who is the black guy in the keeps commercial?

Darien Sills-Evans Darien Evans, better known by his stage name, Darien Sills-Evans, is an American actor, writer, comedian, and director.

Who is the Pizza Hut guy?

Craig Robinson The actor who has apparently been obsessed with Pac-Man for almost four decades is none other than Craig Robinson. This actor/comedian uses his lovable energy to show viewers how many options we have for our pizzas, unlike poor Pac-Man, who has to eat the same dots every day.

Who is the AT&T Girl in commercial?

Milana Vayntrub She came to prominence for her appearances in AT&T television commercials as saleswoman Lily Adams from 2013 to 2016 and since 2020 .Milana VayntrubOccupationActress, comedian, activistYears active1995–presentKnown forPlaying saleswoman Lily Adams in a series of AT&T television commercials4 more rows

What happened to Dougie the pizza guy?

Sadly, after that he hung up his red cap, and Dougie was laid to rest. Heidenreich went on to land roles in Water Rats, McLeods Daughters, Packed to the Rafters, Underbelly: The Golden Mile and Home And Away over the years, although hes still best known to most Aussies as Dougie the Pizza Delivery Guy.

Whos the black guy in the new Pizza Hut commercial?

To help launch the campaign, Pizza Hut teamed up with new spokesperson, actor and comedian Craig Robinson (who defended our Reel 360s editors name during a stand-up set), for a TV spot directed by Chelsea Pictures David Gordon Green featuring the actor/comedian playing a retro PAC-MAN game while enjoying a $10

Does Jamie really sing in the progressive commercial?

Progressive has released a new commercial, titled “Family Ties,” featuring Flo and Jamie. This time, the two colleagues are at Flos parents house, where Jamie enjoys a Sunday sing along with them.

Who is the woman in the new spectrum commercial?

Erica Shaffer Erica Shaffer (born March 6, 1970) is an American actress who has worked in. (2017); Spectrum Business Internet (2018); Ilumya (2019); Wayfair (2019); Gain laundry detergent ( 2020) Erica Shaffer Wikipedia 2020 Alyx Andrushuk is the name of the redhead actress that appears in the Target commercials.

Who is the Hispanic woman in the spectrum commercial?

María Gabriela Espino Rugero, also known as Gaby Espino is a Venezuelan actress, model and presenter. She is the actress in the new spectrum commercial, which advertises Spectrum Internet and TV app commercial Pagando mucho and done in the Latino language.

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