Question: How long has Josh Bowman and Emily VanCamp been together?

Personal life. Bowman began dating his Revenge co-star Emily VanCamp in late 2011. The couple became engaged on 11 May 2017 and married on 15 December 2018 in The Bahamas. The couple announced the birth of their first child, daughter Iris, in August 2021.

How did Emily VanCamp meet her husband?

Emily VanCamp (who played Emily Thorne) and Josh Bowman (who played Daniel Grayson) met on the set of the show in 2011. By 2017, they were engaged. And on Saturday, they married in the Bahamas. The 32-year-old actress shared a photo to her Instagram, thanking all her guests for attending.

Does Jack find out who the real Amanda is?

Jack is one of the two men Emily has genuine feelings for, the other being Aiden, and Jack holds feelings for Emily in return. In the season 2 finale, Truth, Part 2, he finds out Emilys real identity not long after his brother dies.

Does Jack love Emily?

Amanda/Emily eventually admits that she still loves Jack after Nolan tells her that he and Carl are leaving The Hamptons for good.

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