Question: When did first appear on the Internet?

When did classmates com begin?

November 17, 1995 launched

Who founded Classmates?

Randy Conrads In 1995 Randy Conrads founded

Is classmates com still a thing? is a social networking service. It was founded on November 17, 1995 by Randy Conrads as Classmates Online, Inc of siteSocial networking serviceOwnerH.I.G. CapitalCreated byRandy ConradsURLwww.classmates.comCommercialMixed1 more row

What does it cost to join classmates?

There are several Classmates+ membership plans available, all at a special introductory 50% discount: 2 years for US $36 (full price $72) 12 months for US $24 (full price $48) 3 months for US $9 (full price $18)

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