Question: What Miniclip means?

Miniclip is a Swiss free browser game website. Launched in 2001, it is the worlds largest privately owned online gaming website.

How do I get my Miniclip ID?

How to find your Miniclip Unique IDLogin to your Miniclip account.Click on your Username just next to the Search Bar which will bring a drop down Menu and Click on View Profile.You are now on your profile page, if you look at the link to the page you will see a few numbers, thats your Miniclip ID Number.22 Jul 2020

Can you make money on Miniclip?

The App is known as Real Money Pool. They have developed a Mobile application just like MiniClip 8-Ball Pool, only you can make real money with it. The app is developed by a popular company called Skillz. For those who thought it would never be possible, well, you would be surprised when you install the app.

What age group is Miniclip for?

The site says it requires kids under 13 to fill out a permission form to sign up, but that never materialized during registration. The social networking features are pretty safe, though -- kids can add friends, play against them in multiplayer challenges, and send them preselected messages only.

Who is the CEO of Miniclip?

Jurgen Post - Jurgen Post - CEO - Miniclip | LinkedIn.

Can I change my Miniclip nickname?

- Miniclip ID: Go to on a computer and log in with your Miniclip account. There you can change your and picture between your Facebook Account and your Miniclip Account. regarding your name it will not be possible to change it.

What is the use of cash in 8 ball pool?

It can be used to acquire many functions within the game that may not ordinarily be available through use of Pool Coins, like certain cues – such as the Ice Cue – extra spins in Spin and Win, and certain Chat Packs. Pool Cash can be purchased through real-life money, with offers costing up to free.

Is Miniclip a Chinese company?

Miniclip is a Swiss free browser game website. Launched in 2001, it is the worlds largest privately owned online gaming website. It was started in 2001 by Robert Small and Tihan Presbie l on a budget of £40,000 and quickly grew. In 2015, Tencent acquired majority stakes of Miniclip.

Who is Miniclip owner?

Tencent Miniclip/Parent organizations

How do you get a lot of money on 8 ball pool?

0:426:13How I Made 1000 Cash in 8 Ball Pool (No Hack/Cheat) - YouTubeYouTube

What is the real name of 8 Ball Pool?

Eight ball, also called stripes and solids, popular American pocket-billiards game in which 15 balls numbered consecutively and a white cue ball are used.

Who is the CEO of 8 Ball Pool?

Jurgen Post UK mobile games developer Miniclip has named Jurgen Post as its new CEO. Miniclip launched in 2001 and in 2015 sold a majority stake in the business to games giant Tencent. Miniclip is best known for its browser-based and mobile games, including popular titles such as 8 Ball Pool, Golf Battle and

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