Question: How much pocket money is an au pair entitled to?

How much pocket money do au pairs get?

In the UK, for example, au pairs typically receive 80-85 GBP per week. In some countries, the amount of pocket money is fixed by law, in others it is decided in mutual agreement by the host family and au pair .Overview by country:Australia200 - 250 AUD per weekUSA195,75 USD minimum per week19 more rows

How much pocket money is an au pair entitled to in Netherlands?

Au pairs receive between 300 and 340 EUR pocket money per month in the Netherlands.

How much do you get paid for au pair?

How much does an au pair cost in South Africa? Depending on an au pairs experience level, you can expect to pay between R5000 to R10 000 per month for a part-time au pair working between 10 to 30 hours per week, and R9000 to R20 000 per month for a full-time au pair working between 35 to 50 hours per week.

How much do au pairs get paid monthly?

PROGRAM FEES – 2021Au PairEducareMatch Fee$450$450Annual Program Fee$9,085$8,220Minimum Weekly Stipend* Paid weekly$195.75*$146.81*

Where do au pairs get paid the most?

Best countries to Au Pair based on pay, hours, and benefitsUnited States. Pay: $850 a month. Hours: 45 hours per week. Denmark. Pay: $650 a month. Hours: 18-30 hours per week. Sweden. Pay: $450 a month. Hours: 25 hours per week. Germany. Pay: $360 a month. Hours: 30 hours per week. China. Pay: $100-$300 a month.5 Sep 2017

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