Question: How do you keep a high school relationship going?

How do you maintain a school relationship?

5 Ways To Manage School And RelationshipsSet Some Study Goals. Setting goals is important because they keep you motivated and help you not lose track. Study Together. Understand Your Needs. Time Management.Feb 10, 2020

How do I maintain my relationship and study?

Tips For How To Balance Relationship And Studies?Create a schedule- Creating a fair schedule is a foremost thing you can do. Spend quality time- When you and your partner are together, make sure you both spend a good time together.More items •Oct 18, 2020

How can I balance between love and studies?

How do I Balance Studies and Love life?Study Together:Understand Each other:Have a good time on Weekends: What if its a long-Distance Relationship? Prioritize your Exam Period:Avoid Distractions:Have time for Everything:Know when to give each other Space: Have Self Control and be Confident:More items

How do you balance your relationship with life?

How to build the right balance in a relationship?Commit but dont compromise Its a positive gesture to commit and dedicate your time and yourself to a relationship. Communicate instead of complaining. Two ways of looking at control. Consult or ask for help but be independent.More items •Oct 13, 2019

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