Question: What is the life expectancy of a diabetic amputee?

In one study, research showed that following an amputation, up to 50% of people with diabetes will die within 2 years.

What is the mortality rate of amputation?

24–26 A recent systematic review reported an overall 5-year mortality rate ranging from 29% to 69% following minor amputations and from 52% to 80% for patients with major amputations.

What causes diabetics to lose their legs?

People living with diabetes have an increased risk of lower limb amputation. Wounds or ulcers that do not heal are the most common cause of amputation among people with this condition. Other factors, such as high blood sugar levels and smoking, can increase the risk of foot-related complications, including amputation.

What percentage of patients with diabetes end up with lower leg amputations?

2. In the United States, every year about 73,000 amputations of the lower limb not related to trauma are performed on people with diabetes. 3. Of non-traumatic amputations in the United States, 60% are performed on people with diabetes.

How can I get rid of my diabetic belly?

While everything from slashing stress to eating fewer processed foods has been shown to help combat belly fat, exercise is one of the best things you can do to reduce weight in this area and live healthier with diabetes, says Pat Salber, MD, an internist and the founder of The Doctor Weighs In, whos based in Larkspur,

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