Question: Is Paula Duncan still dating Jeff?

Is Paula Duncan in a relationship?

Duncan married actor John Orcsik in June 1982 after they met acting together in Cop Shop. They opened acting school, The Australian Film & Television Academy (TAFTA) together on the Gold Coast in 1994. They eventually divorced in 1998. They have since worked together, including acting together in Paradise Beach.

Who is Paula Duncans partner?

John Orcsikm. 1982–2001 Paula Duncan/Spouse

What happened Paula Duncan?

However, despite the glossy, upbeat image portrayed on our screens, Duncan, now 62, has revealed she attempted to commit suicide at age 43, and that her teenage daughter Jessica Orcsik was the one who found her.

What did Carmen Duncan died from?

Breast cancer Carmen Duncan/Cause of death Carmen Duncan was a beloved mother, grandmother and sister. She bravely fought and survived breast cancer, bowel cancer and thyroid cancer. Unfortunately on February 3rd 2019, she died of vaginal cancer – a rare cancer that affects only 1% of the community. Carmen loved life so much.

How Old Is Carmen Duncan?

76 years (1942–2019) Carmen Duncan/Age at death

How old is Jessica Orcsik?

37 years (February 14, 1984) Jessica Orcsik/Age

Is Carmen Duncan alive?

Deceased (1942–2019) Carmen Duncan/Living or Deceased

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