Question: What area does Bay of Plenty cover?

Is Bay of Plenty A suburbs?

The Bay of Plenty property market is made up of 6 districts and 65 suburbs. These districts are Tauranga, Whakatane, Kawerau, Opotiki, Rotorua and Western Bay of Plenty.

What is the largest city in the Bay of Plenty?

Tauranga is the largest city in the Coastal Bay of Plenty and is home to approximately 140,000 people.

Which part of New Zealand has the best weather?

Auckland and Christchurch probably have the best weather of New Zealands main population centres. Christchurchs seasons are more distinct than Aucklands and its winters are noticably cooler. Frost is common in Christchurch, followed by stunningly sunny days. Frost is rare in Auckland.

What part of New Zealand has the best weather?

Sunshine. Most places in New Zealand receive over 2000 hours of sunshine a year, with the sunniest areas — Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay and Nelson/Marlborough – receiving over 2350 hours. As New Zealand observes daylight saving, during summer months daylight can last up until 10.00pm.

What is the wettest month in New Zealand?

The rainiest period is from May to August, which is also the one with the most frequent rains (11 to 13 days per month) and the lowest amount of sunshine (3/4 sunshine hours per day). Even in summer, however, it rains on average for 7/8 days per month, except in February, when there are only 6 days with rainfall.

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