Question: Who does Lola Bunny marry?

When one of the Monstars nearly crushes her, Bugs heroically pushes her aside and takes the hit. Lola is so touched that Bugs would come to her rescue that she kisses him. Eventually at the end of the film, Bugs and Lola share another kiss and officially become a romantic couple.

Does Bugs Bunny end up with Lola?

When Lola hears this, she falls back in love with him. (Given this, its possible her crush on Daffy was pretend). She then suggests she, Bugs, Daffy, and Tina on a double date. Now, Bugs and Lola have officially become a couple and start dating exclusively.

What was the first appearance of Lola Bunny?

Space Jam1996 Lola Bunny/First appearance In Lola Bunnys debut in 1996s Space Jam, the blond-banged bunny bursts through the doors of the Looney Tunes gym. Sultry jazz plays as if Barbara Stanwyck just showed up in Double Indemnity. Bugs Bunnys jaw drops and his eyes bulge. He is looking at the sexiest bunny he has ever seen.

Who drew Lola Bunny Space Jam?

Lola BunnyFirst appearanceSpace Jam (1996)Created byLeo Benvenuti Steve Rudnick Timothy Harris Herschel WeingrodVoiced byKath Soucie (1996–2005, 2010, 2015–present) Britt McKillip (Baby Looney Tunes, 2001–2006) Kristen Wiig (2011–2014) Rachel Ramras (2014–2015) Carla Delaney (2016) Zendaya (2021)In-universe information7 more rows

Are Bugs Bunny and Lola dating in Space Jam?

Lola Bunny is Bugs Bunnys beautiful, sassy, and no nonsense girlfriend. She first appeared as Bugs Bunnys girlfriend in the 1996 film Space Jam. Since Space Jam, Lola has appeared in most Looney Tunes projects such as television spin-offs, video games, comic books and merchandise.

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