Question: Who died in Glee Season 5 Episode 15?

Hypable surmises the reason for this shorter season is the hiatus that Glee took to grieve the death of Cory Monteith, the shows Finn Hudson. Watch the Glee Season 5, Episode 15 promo on YouTube (follow this link) or scroll down to play the video. Listen to Glees Colour Blind cover here.

What happened at the beginning of Glee Season 5 Episode 15?

The show opens with a candlelight vigil with Rachel, Blaine, Kurt and Sam singing “You Are Not Alone” from the classic Sondheim musical Into The Woods honoring someone who was apparently involved in a hate crime, who is actually Rachels neighbor. In this moment, Kurt seems particularly affected by the moment.

Who is the tribute for in Glee Season 5 Episode 15?

One may even be dead–or at least his life will hang in the balance. New photos from a shoot for Episode 15 have the New York Glee gang, including Kurt, Rachel (Lea Michele), Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Blaine (Darren Criss), standing around a makeshift memorial for a man named Russ.

Who is the memorial for on Glee episode bash?

“Bash” has a strong “Very Special Episode” vibe to it, something that, remarkably, Glee has heretofore mostly managed to avoid, saving the odd exception like “Choke.” We begin with a song, vigil, and street memorial for Russ, a neighbor of Rachel and Kurt who has suffered a homophobic assault and ended up hospitalized.

Who played Russ in Glee?

Chris ColferColfer at a book signing event in August 2013BornChristopher Paul Colfer May 27, 1990 Clovis, California, U.S.OccupationActor singer writerYears active2009–present1 more row

Who died in episode bash of Glee?

Corey Monteith The 31-year-old Canadian, who played Finn Hudson on the show, was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room on Saturday. The character who died on Glee was Finn Hudson, played by Corey Monteith.

Why did Kurt get beat up in Glee?

MAN DOWN | Kurt got a nasty first-hand encounter with hate this week when he tried to intervene in a gay bash and ended up in the hospital, himself. The tragedy brought the gang together, and even gave Blaine an idea for a new exam song.

Are any of the Glee cast still friends?

Most “Glee” actors still have a great relationship with Lea. Like Darren Criss, who Lea is not just friends with, they even went on tour together. However, Matthew is not the only one who Lea Michele met on Broadway. We know that Jonathan Groff and Lea have been BFF in real life ever since Broadway.

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