Question: Which is better OLX or quikr?

OLX is better than quikr because quikr has many types of policies on their ads like if you post an ad on quikr they charge for giving the data which you have received by the ad where as the OLX has no any such type of issues you can see unlimited data as which which your ad gets.

Is quikr trustworthy?

It was my first experience with Quikr Doorstep, while I chose to buy this. The entire transaction was transparent, informative and the communication from Quikr team between the seller and me were continuous till the product was delivered to me. It was hassle free, reliable and trustworthy..

What are the other sites like OLX?

10 Best and Free Classified Ad Websites in IndiaOLX. If you want to sell anything (from old cars to laptop or tablet to clothes to anything else!) Quikr. Quikr is also very popular. Sulekha. Craiglist. KhojLe. VivaStreet. Jagran Classifieds.

Is it safe to buy phones from OLX?

Buying a used Smartphone is usually a tricky affair, and there is some risk involved. Especially from an unknown seller whom you have just contacted on OLX or Quikr. You dont know the seller, and even how he has used the device. It could be stolen or may have some defect.

How does Quikr pay the seller?

Upon receiving the payment, Quikr schedules a pick-up with the seller and then delivers the product to the buyer. 5. If the buyer accepts the product, Quikr transfers the money to the sellers account. If the buyer rejects the product, Quikr refunds the buyers money and returns the sellers product.

Is Quikr safe for job?

Quikr site is the worst site if it comes to search for a job. When I update my number on Quikr to get a job I got a lot of calls and the maximum of them are fraudulent, approximately 90% of them are fake.

Does Quikr have cash on delivery?

Online classifieds company Quikr has introduced direct purchases via its website. Quikr will take care of end-to-end sales, including collecting payments, home delivery and provide money back guarantee. Once the seller accepts the price, a Quikr representative will get in touch with the buyer and collect cash payment.

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