Question: What level in high school story can you upgrade hangouts?

At Level 7 the Prep Hangout can be upgraded for 20,000 coins and takes 10 hours to complete.

When can you upgrade artist hangouts in high school story?

At Level 11 the Artist Hangout can be upgraded for 120,000 coins and takes 2 days to complete.

How do you get a platinum hangout on high school story?

The Platinum Hangout is unlocked once you reach Level 3 in High School Story and can be found in the Hangouts section of the Store. This hangout can hold students from every clique, and a maximum capacity of 3 can be built (it doesnt count against your Hangout limit).

When can you upgrade the slacker hangout?

At Level 16 the Slacker Hangout can be upgraded for 500,000 coins and takes 3 days to complete.

What Comes After sweethearts in high school story?

The seven dating stages are Flirting, Crushing, Online Official, Sweethearts, In Love, Head Over Heels and Over the Moon. The date is real and they will become a couple, if the date is successful.

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