Question: Whats the best marine navigation app?

What is the best free marine navigation app?

Navionics Free Navionics Marine & Lakes has long been one of the best navigation apps available for Android and IOS devices. It incorporates the excellent Navionics Gold vector charts with map, satellite and terrain overlays, all for free.

Can you use Google Maps for boating?

First off, you can use Google Maps, including its satellite view, to take a look at an area you plan to be boating. You can also use sailing tools built around Google Maps, such as distance calculator Sea Seek, which uses Google Maps to compute the rough length of a potential route or the distance between two points.

Is there a marine GPS app?

Marine Navigator At a budget-friendly price of $8.48, you can get the Marine Navigator app on your Android tablet or smartphone. As the advanced counterpart of the Marine Navigator Lite, this app comes with a boatload of handy features that will make your experience on the water a pleasant one.

What is the best marine navigation app for iPhone?

5 Best Marine Navigation Apps for BoatersC-Map Embark.iNavX.KnowWake.Navionics.SeaPilot.

How do marine navigation apps work?

Most mobile marine navigation apps use NOAA raster charts, effectively paper charts that have been scanned and uploaded into the app. Vector charts are electronic charts that offer seamless scrolling between different areas plus allow the user to zoom in for extra detail.

Can you use your phone as a boat GPS?

Boat Beacon It works for iOS and Android. The app will basically make your phone a small AIS receiver and if you have cell service, you will be able to see the boats around you, along with the type of ship, the destination, and the speed.

How much is Navionics app per month?

For GPS water mapping of the U.S. and Canada, youll pay $21.99 for a yearly subscription to the app. It costs $14.99 per year for just the U.S., $28.99 for regions from Mexico, Caribbean, to Brazil, and $35.99 to access maps of Greenland and Iceland. But thats just a few of the regions you can purchase coverage for.

Which is better GPS or Google Maps?

Phone apps definitely have better traffic information than GPS devices. Thats partly why I will grab my phone for around-town jaunts. The accuracy of Google Maps traffic is awesome. The better GPS units have better onscreen directions, especially at tricky interchanges, and they have more precise voice directions.

How accurate is Marine GPS?

Garmin® GPS receivers are accurate to within 15 meters (49 feet) 95% of the time. Generally, users will see accuracy within 5 to 10 meters (16 to 33 feet) under normal conditions. To view the current accuracy rating of your device, refer to its Satellite Information Page.

Can I use Navionics without a subscription?

SonarChart Live Help us improve SonarChart™ layer by sharing your logs. No subscription required.

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