Question: How long does Trials of Osiris last?

Trials lands with the reset every Friday at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST, and lasts until the Tuesday reset at those same times. Each week provides a new set of rewards and a new map to play on, so heres what you can expect for the latest rotation. This week the Trials of Osiris map is Burnout.

Does trials of Osiris end?

Trials of Osiris is playable every weekend starting at reset time on Friday until reset time on Tuesday. It works on the same clock as Xur, opening every weekend and ending with the next weekly reset.

How long does Trials of Osiris last in Destiny 2?

For the uninitiated, Trials of Osiris is a competitive mode wherein two teams, formed of three players, fight with a limited number of lives in the Elimination format. The event starts every Friday after reset and continues through the weekend until reset on Monday.

How long does Trials of Osiris glow last?

one week Trials Gear Glows Players who go Flawless each week and have their Trials gear equipped will have a yellow glow that will appear, fading slowly after one week. To refresh the glow, players will need to go Flawless again.

Does trials SBMM?

True SBMM has no place in Trials.

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