Question: Where did the term catfishing come from?

Catfishing, a slang term for creating fake profiles on social media to create false identities, has its origins in the 2010 movie Catfish, a pseudo-documentary that chronicled a young mans online friendship with a woman that turned out to be very different from her Facebook profile.

Why is it called catfishing Reddit?

It comes from the original doco, Catfish. In this, the husband of the person who has been involved with an online deceit, recounts a tidbit about catfish being used to keep cod moving in tanks as they are shipped around.

Are catfish and cod enemies?

They found out that the codfish has a natural enemy, the catfish. From the time the codfish were shipped from their point of origin on the East Coast until they arrived at the final destination, however far away that might have been, those cantankerous catfish chased their natural codfish prey all over the tank.

Is catfish better than cod?

Cod are known to have a higher protein than catfish as determined by nutritional studies. However, both fish species taste great when cooked using any of the wonderful recipes for cooking fish. Cod can be prepared as food in many ways; they are usually found in tacos, burgers, and served with fries.

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