Question: Did Vyasar get married?

Fans were desperate to know what happened, but it looks like Vyasar – along with all the other singles featured on the show – are still unmarried despite Simas best efforts. Speaking to the LA Times, Vyasar said in a recent interview: Its no ones fault.

Are Vyasar and Rashi still together?

Vyasar: Nothing really happened. It wasnt a thing that was a point of concern for her; she made it sound like it wasnt a point of concern for her family. Thats not the reason things didnt work out with me and Rashi. It was completely amicable.

Did any Indian Matchmaking get married?

Rupam Kaur from Indian Matchmaking is married — without any help from the show. After filming the Netflix dating show, Kaur found love through an app, Bumble.

Are Akshay and Radhika married?

He finally settled for Radhika Somani, a Chartered Accountant from Udaipur. The meeting with the family went well, Akshay said yes to marriage with Radhika, and a “roka,” or pre-engagement ceremony, took place.

Are Radhika and Akshay still together?

Akshay and Radhika – SPLIT After possibly the most awkward first meeting ever, Akshay and Radhika had a pre-engagement ceremony. His mum seemed to recover from all her health problems caused by her sons single life and his brother and sister-in-law could now have a baby! However, the couple has now split up.

Is Aparna and Jay together?

Although Aparna has made it clear that she and Jay are no longer romantically involved, they do seem to be on good terms. They follow each other on Instagram and Jay even posted about their date on his feed, back when it first happened in late 2019.

Why did Akshay not get married?

In a video shared by Netflix India, Akshay said that he called off the engagement not because there was anything wrong with Radhika, but because he couldnt bring himself to hold a conversation with her. “When I met her we tried talking, till the ritual happened. The entire night I couldnt sleep.

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